Hypnosis Overcomes Negative Subconscious Programming!



What are your current beliefs? To help answer that question, consider the following topics and feelings:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Fear
  • Love

What do you believe about each of them?

Better question: How did your childhood shape your beliefs?

For most of us, our subconscious programming occurred before we were 10 years old. Most of us haven’t explored or worked on this reality. Such beliefs may still be in charge of our lives. This is because our subconscious mind is pretty much who we are.

Before we move forward, let’s discuss a few terms.

The Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious programming is to us what an operating system is to a computer. Among many, many other things, our subconscious mind contains our:

  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Memories
  • Control over our bodies

To put it as simply as possible, our subconscious programming creates about 95 percent of our personality.


At one time or another, most of us have swung something in front of a friend’s face and declared: “You are feeling very sleepy,” pretending to bring him or her under our control. In reality, people undergoing hypnotherapy are in full control of their own behavior. They will not do anything they would normally be unwilling to do.

Hypnotherapy is a method designed to change our subconscious programming. Over time, it can help patients create new reactions, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. Four decades of research has found these techniques to be safe and effective. They are used to treat a very wide range of issues and conditions. Here is a small sampling:\

  • headaches and other common sources of pain
  • addressing addictions, e.g. smoking
  • support during childbirth
  • increasing concentration and focus
  • reducing depression and trauma
  • recalling memories
  • it can even serve as anesthesia!

Perhaps you feel trapped by your negative subconscious programming. Hypnotherapy is a safe way to create lasting change without side effects.

3 Important Ways Hypnosis Can Overcome Negative Subconscious Programming

  1. Decreased anxiety

Anxiety is the most common psychological condition for which people seek treatment. It is also the most common condition for which hypnotherapy is suggested. Hypnosis creates a relaxed state. In this state, unconscious factors can be exposed. This provides two major benefits:

  • Being in a relaxed state is the reversal of anxiety and therefore depression. Through ongoing sessions, the patient learns how to create this state on her/his own.
  • You may have an unknown cause for your anxiety. Tapping into the subconscious can both reveal and address such causes.
  1. The power of suggestion

During hypnosis, we usually become more relaxed. We also become more open to suggestion than usual. Our inner voice quiets down a bit. We’re less critical of ourselves.

In this state, we can better recognize our negative subconscious programming. We can also start the important work of overcoming it. Again, over time, we will learn to practice self-hypnosis. This will improve our hypnotherapy sessions and speed up progress.

  1. Increased mindfulness

By now, it should be quite obvious that hypnosis is an excellent response to our tech-obsessed culture. We become distracted from challenging our negative patterns when we are plugged in 24/7. It also supplies more negativity. The hypnotic state teaches us to be present. In the moment, healing can begin. Therefore, in the moment is where we must aim to be and stay.

Obviously, we’re talking about one of the most important works we can ever do. But where do we begin?

Step one, of course, is to find a therapist trained and experienced in hypnosis. Once you’ve connected with such a professional, the sky’s the limit. Remember, your negative beliefs and behaviors can be changed. A skilled hypnotherapist will be your guide to reshaping your subconscious mind.

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