How the Brain Works:

NeurOptimal® brain training works with the central nervous system and your brain by targeting shifts in the brain’s activity that can undermine optimal brain unction.

The brain is the most complex dynamical structure known within the universe. It is able to process massive amounts of information, develop responses and apply these responses for increased efficiency and mastery. Fortunately, consciousness is self-regulated, such that processes not requiring our immediate attention take place outside of our awareness, within the subconscious. This leaves our conscious mind unencumbered to deal with important immediate stimuli that require awareness and focused attention.

In learning behavior, a network of supporting neural interconnectivity is established. With repetition, the neural connections are strengthened and more easily activated. Eventually the behavior can become a primary and unconscious response. The brain’s on-going ability to create new pathways and interconnections is essential for learning and adaptability.

These features of the dynamical brain have profound implications for day-to-day living.

For Example: If we repeat behavior often enough, it develops a self-organizing dynamic that then drives the behavior. Self-sustaining problematic behaviors are largely unconscious and may be as simple as obsolete coping strategies or as extreme as serious psychological and emotional conditions. Once established they influence the way we perceive the world, our relationship with it and our sense of self.


Behavioral dynamics are like a car rolling down a hill. If you jump in front just as it starts to move, it is a lot easier to stop than if it has developed momentum. When behavior has an unconscious component, we are unaware of the activation and the build-up of the dynamical intensity.

By the time, it reaches awareness the behavior is usually difficult to control because it is supported by powerful unconscious forces and has gained considerable “momentum”.

When conscious or unconscious processing efficiency becomes compromised through the stress of modern living, information overload, trauma, or other influences, loss of performance and suffering arises. The body systems it regulates are affected, processing and integration of life experience becomes inefficient, and the additional burden placed on the conscious mind results in loss of awareness and performance in the world. Consequently, problematic behaviors, ill health, and dependencies arise.

Signs of a Compromised Brain Can Include but are Not Limited to:


Difficulty concentrating                                Emotional difficulty / unbalanced              Paranoia

Diminished personal power                        Impaired immune system                            Stress

Impaired coordination                                             Cognitive noise / negative thoughts                       Fatigue

Impaired eye / hand coordination             Cognitive instability                                      Autism

Physical Pain                                                 Personality instability                                               Anger issues

Difficulty maintaining focus                         Reduced physical health                              Anti-Aging

Reduced / poor coping strategies               Rigid beliefs                                                   Bipolar disorder

Difficulty with decision making                   Cognitive decline / poor memory               Migraines / headaches

Lower problem solving capacity                  Poor response times                                     Reactivity

Poor work-school-athletic performance     Loss of clarity                                                 Excessive worrying

Lack of adaptability                                      Sleep disturbance                                         Fibromyalgia

Weight issues & eating disorders                ADD / ADHD                                                  Parkinson’s

Depression                                                     Anxiety / panic attacks                                 Alzheimer’s

Procrastination                                              Hypertension                                                 PMS / menopause

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)       Borderline personality disorder                  Addictions

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)                  Mild brain injury & concussion                   Epilepsy

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Any of the body’s emotional or cognitive processes influenced by the Central Nervous System (CNS) can be affected.  The brain’s entire conscious and unconscious ability for optimal complex processing is determined by how efficiently it functions as a self-organizing dynamical and transformational system.

About Neurofeedback: 

People using neurofeedback have experienced relief from a vast array of psychological, emotional and medical symptoms.

Neurofeedback (NFB) has emerged out of significant advances in technology and enables new and innovative approaches to psychological healing and behavioral change.

New findings are revolutionizing the approach to human behavior and brain function.  It is now recognized that the brain does not respond well to imposed structure and processes that are incongruent with its complex dynamical functioning.  NFB is a specialized and advanced form of biofeedback that gives information back to you about the activity of the brain as it is occurring.  Neurofeedback can also be called Neurotherapy, EEG Biofeedback or Neuro-biofeedback.

The electrical activity generated by Central Nervous System (CNS) processing can be detected by sensors placed on the scalp and displayed on a monitor in real-time.  This is called the Electroencephalograph or EEG.  With specially designed computer software, information about the performance and behavior of the Brain and the CNS is then presented back to the individual auditory perception (feedback).  People using NFB have experienced relief from vast array of psychological, emotional and medical conditions along with considerable personal and spiritual growth.

NFB is also widely used by top tier organizations and individuals, who want to improve physical and mental performance, such as athletes, professional trainers, business people, musicians, performers, and students. NeurOptimal®’s Dynamical Neurofeedback is a dramatically advanced (or enhanced) process using a 4-D, nonlinear, mathematical software program. This is highly expanded upon the linear 2-D models that the field was initially founded on. As a result, NeurOptimal® is able to recognize the incredible natural potential of the brain and assist it in achieving optimal processing and outcomes without intervention, manipulation, or imposition of beliefs.

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback,  designed by Zengar Institute Inc. in British Columbia, Canada, is a proprietary technology based in neuroscience and is specifically designed with the naturally nonlinear function of the human brain in mind, and is built to harness the incredibly dynamic nature of the brain. As a result, people training their brain using this technology often report the ease of a myriad of complaints without specifically “targeting” them from the outset of the training. Often, with linear neurofeedback systems, resolving one problem in one area can cause problems elsewhere.

NeurOptimal® is the only Dynamical Neurofeedback™ system in the world, and as such very different from other systems. It is completely non-invasive and non-directive because it is based on both a very different understanding about how the brain works, as well as how it is best optimized. It was designed from the ground up to engage the incredible natural capacity of the central nervous system (CNS) for healing, improved performance, and transformation and bring about profound change with ease and simplicity.

NeurOptimal® works with the brain as an information-detection system. By simply offering the brain information about its own activity, It helps the brain re-organize, thereby activating its own intrinsic healing wisdom. As a result of training, the brain becomes more stable and as its flexibility and resilience improves, problems and issues begin to fade away.

Drs. Valdeane and Susan Brown of Zengar Institute Inc., with their vast experience within the neurofeedback (NFB) community, developed the unique, industry-leading, state-of-the-art NeurOptimal® NFB system. The system is designed to work directly with the dynamical self-organizing conscious and unconscious processes, facilitating optimal function. Translated into real life, this can manifest as improved performance, increased success, better endurance, psychological and physical healing, greater life enjoyment, additional creativity and enhanced personal growth with fluid transformational outcomes. These far-reaching outcomes are achieved effortlessly and safely when training with NeurOptimal®. There is no intervention, no manipulation, no concentration and no decisions being made about what your brain should be doing.

NeurOptimal® is the only Dynamical Neurofeedback™ system in the world, and as such very different from other systems. By simply offering the brain information about its own activity, It helps the brain re-organize, thereby activating its own intrinsic healing wisdom.

How does NeurOptimal® Work?

NeurOptimal® provides information to the brain from a wide array of dynamically changing frequency envelopes representing frequencies of brain function, some of which were first described by Zengar and are unique to NeurOptimal®. With this system you receive the benefits of training across the range of all the available frequencies simultaneously. It uses sixteen different targets, each of these targets working dynamically with “where the central nervous system is” at that moment in time.

The benefits of working with multiple frequencies the way NeurOptimal® does, is that you don’t get side effects as you do when working with only one or two frequencies.

Each frequency has a particular effect or state with which it is associated. So, if you specifically target one that quiets the brain or one that activates the brain as is done with linear NFB systems for example, you run the danger of becoming over quieted or over-activated. When you work with NeurOptimal®, you are flowing through the various frequencies on an as-needed basis, each frequency bandwidth balancing the others. You cannot go too far in any one direction, because you are receiving feedback from the entire spectrum, moment by moment! You end up alert and relaxed, feeling alive and quiet at the same time. As the brain organizes, thresholds dynamically adapt, providing the most efficient and least rigid training available today. Perfectly balanced.

NeurOptimal® recognizes that the behavior of the EEG represents the dynamical activity of conscious and unconscious information processing within its entirety. It is designed to detect any emerging shifts at its earliest preconscious origins and alert the central nervous system (CNS) so that it can make its decision toward efficient processing. The ongoing return to stability and re-normalization interrupts the dynamic driving the problematic behavior, before it gains momentum, and trains the CNS to maintain stability and efficiency of processing.

As the brain and CNS as a whole develop stability, the full potential of efficient processing and transformational capacity becomes increasingly available.  This continues with each session until the brain and CNS develop the ability to carry the stability and increased processing and transformational capacity across sessions, and then into the future independently of NeuroOptimal® training.

Using Neuroptimal® (non-linear neurofeedback) vs. Linear Neurofeedback:

With NeurOptimal® the brain is simply interacting adaptively with itself moment by moment, not striving to produce more of some frequency and less of another.

All systems other than NeurOptimal® require the practitioner to first make a diagnosis in some way, such as using past medical or psychological history, QEEG, (brain maps), or standardized testing to create a protocol-driven program.  For this reason, most other systems require the administrator to be a licensed healthcare practitioner.  A one-moment in time picture of your brain may also be conducted, that shows the dominant frequencies it is producing in which location at that time.  Treatment is usually training a minimal selection of frequencies in different areas of the brain, and the focus of training will be on one symptom cluster for a period of weeks or months until, hopefully, there is resolution, at which point the training will be adjusted to address another symptom cluster and so on.  It is a linear, stepped process, and sometimes the frequencies needed for one set of symptoms can be wrong for another, which can lead to confusion and a trial and error course training.

With NeurOptimal® there is no need for diagnosis; it is designed to give the brain continual information about what it has just done. The brain then uses this information to organize itself. During a session, the client listens to music or watches a movie file. As soon as this system detects that the brain is about to make a change, feedback is provided via a very brief pause in the sound. The brain then adapts itself in response to the information, which then provides yet new and different information for the system to mirror back. In this way, the brain is simply interacting adaptively with itself moment by moment, not striving to produce more of some frequency and less of another. While those kinds of changes may be observed, they occur as part of an intrinsic self-organizing principal rather than an artificially imposed constraint. This is a large part of both the inherent power and safety of NeurOptimal® and how it invites very seamless change.  

NeurOptimal® is very easy to operate and is 100% safe.

The training is fully automated and responsive to the client’s EEG, no matter for what reason they started training. Attach the sensors, start the training and let the program do the work. No diagnosis or interpretation of EEG is required, regardless of Industry or target market.

Our goal is to give people the opportunity to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of optimized information processing, as the “life” experience improves with the use of NeurOptimal®.

Client Benefits:

The recovery, performance, or transformational path with NeurOptimal® varies from person to person because it is assisting the brain and central nervous system (CNS) to operate according to its own natural potential rather than forcing any predetermined path toward any predetermined outcome.  Considering that everyone is starting from a different position with a unique history this is particularly relevant.

Apart from the natural ease and flow, the change process can be talked about globally in five general overlapping and interactive aspects.

Stabilizing of the Central Nervous System:

During this process people begin to feel deeply relaxed, their mind quiets between sessions, there are sleep improvements, decrease in reactivity, and generally feeling more settled. 

Beginning of deep unconscious processing: 

There are further improvements in the above benefits and stability, occasional vivid dreaming for some, life begins to feel easier, energy begins to increase, alertness increases, there is increased endurance, mood stability, noticeable improvements in psyche and response times.

Improved processing:

Improved stability and efficiency along with freeing up of psychological energy brings increases in attention, focus, mind / body and eye / hand coordination, adaptability and flexibility, increased awareness, increased presence, decision making easier and faster, more creative, better response times, increased intuition, improved access to higher resources, coping significantly better, sense of self clearer and more stable, able to reference internally more easily for decision making, clarity in thought, and identification of emotions and processing of them without being overwhelmed.  Significant shifts can occur seamlessly with increased adaptability and flexibility such that you may feel like you have always been this way.  Increased awareness leads to objective observation of own and others behavior, along with environmental dynamics in general.  As a result of developing mindfulness, the developmental and transformation processes are receiving uncontaminated feedback for further enhancement of outcomes.

Smooth Traveling:

Carrying the benefits easily from session to session, finding that the old ‘you’ is getting harder to recall as you settle into the emergence of increased capacity, better functioning, and a stronger positive sense of self. Life experience is now driving the growth and transformational process, and confidence develops as you become familiar with this growing sense of self control.

Into the future:

Once your Central Nervous System is functioning according to its inherent design and capacity, the gains will continue to unfold independently of NeurOptimal®. Most people are happy with this level of improvement and stop training. Others briefly dip in and out of this training process over time, for additional benefits or for assistance with periods of unhealthy stress.

NeurOptimal® is assisting the brain and CNS to operate according to its own natural potential.

The NeurOptimal® Session Experience:

The client is offered the use of either earbuds or speakers in the room to hear and receive the neurofeedback so that the brain and Central Nervous System can know that they are off balance and adjust to a balanced frequency. A NeurOptimal® session is a pleasant experience. The brain does all the work. No conscious effort is required on the client’s part. The central nervous system is hard-wired to take in information and use it to organize itself. There is nothing else the client needs to do other than come along to gain the benefits of NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training, as there is no need to control thoughts, emotions, concentration, think of anything or do anything else to make it work better. By the time the client has consciously registered the interruption in the music their brain has already responded to it. So, there is nothing you need to do or can do during the session that will improve outcomes.

Before the first NeurOptimal® session, the client will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire describing how they are feeling and what they wish to achieve in coming to your training sessions the client will be seated in a comfortable chair facing a computer monitor. Two sensors are placed on the scalp and another three are placed on the ears. Once the training begins, they will hear the music (or for children hear the voices from the movie they are watching) with very brief, occasional interrupts and they will be able to watch a random visualization on a monitor hear the music, or speakers can be offered.  Other than this there is nothing else to do.

Taken from an article by:  Drs. Valdeane and Susan Brown of Zengar Institute Inc.