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How to Help Someone with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety & depression are prevalent in society and we may have loved ones who are struggling. We want to help, but are not sure how to best support them. Nicklas breaks down how to identify if someone's life is at risk, and how you can help them at home or encourage them to see a professional.

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Fostering a Stronger Relationship While Social Distancing [27 Activity Ideas]

So we're now a few weeks into social distancing, and many of you have family, roommates, or significant others with you. And there have probably been some really great moments where you've been able to connect and focus on each other. There have likely also been some challenges. Spending all day, every day, in the same space as someone else can be a challenge! Foster a productive and healthy relationship with your partner, roommate, or family while social distancing with these activities.

Activity: Map Your Optimal Success Wheel of Life

The Optimal Success Wheel of Life is a tool we use to assess and reframe our views on what success and balance in our lives looks like.

Staying Socially Connected while Social Distancing

Did you know that a lack of social connection creates a greater health risk than smoking, obesity, or high blood pressure? Now, with all that is going on in the world right now that does not mean that we should ignore social distancing to maintain connection. Instead, we need to adapt and find new ways to connect with people while we are socially distancing.

Social Distancing Tips: Create a “Calming Corner” at Home

While we're practicing social distancing and social isolation it is especially important to reflect personally in order to keep our brains and central nervous systems in balance.  A Calming Corner can be created anywhere in your home, for everyone in the home. It is a place where you feel comfortable, and it is a space that is quiet and private where you will not be interrupted. 

6 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

There is no 'quick fix' or 'one thing' you can do to boost your immune system and stay healthy. The body is complex and there are a number of key practices we can do to reduce inflammation and the release of cortisol, which are linked to a healthy immune system. By doing these practices, you can fight off invading viruses, bacteria, and other forms of disease.

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What is Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH)?

What’s holding you back from living optimally? If you are someone who feels frustrated or stuck, or perhaps you feel like you’re constantly stressed or anxious, or you are someone who struggles to follow through on goals you've committed to, you are not alone. There is good news though, you can absolutely overcome this with Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy!