What are the benefits of positive family relationships?

Positive Relationships Experienced by a Family Playing Games Together

Positive relationships are important as they offer many benefits. They provide social support, the safety net you have from close interactions with other people. This includes the ability to turn to others in times of crisis, but also the general well-being that you receive from relationships with others.  Our first experience with social support generally comes from our family unit. But what happens if you didn’t have a nurturing family unit? Read on to learn more.

What is the true meaning of family? For many, the true meaning of family goes far beyond those who are legally or genetically connected. It can, and often does, include those who are of relation, it also includes those who share emotional connections, dreams, goals, and/or values.

What are the advantages of positive relationships?

No matter how you define family, the advantages of positive relationships in a close-knit group or community system are vast. Some of those benefits include increased self-esteem, improved social skills, a resilient immune system, and increased emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is key as it has been shown to be a valuable skill set that surpasses intellectual intelligence.

Approximately 95% of the programming in your brain is downloaded from experiences and environment in childhood and is completely unconscious. That means your life is being directed, in ways you cannot control, based on if you had a nurturing family environment or not.

People who grew up in nurturing families are more likely to be guided by a higher level of emotional intelligence, self-worth, self-confidence, and healthier connections with others than those who did not.

What if I did not grow up in a nurturing family?

Not to worry! For those who did not experience a nurturing family growing up they can still experience the benefits of positive relationships in two ways:

  • Join a self-selected family, group, or community organization that you find to be nurturing.
  • Get started with therapeutic modalities such as neurofeedback and hypnotherapy, that can reset your central nervous system and balance your brain. This can lead to greater resilience, self-esteem, confidence, and even emotional intelligence.

Positive Relationships of a Self Selected Family

Looking to get started with therapeutic modalities?

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