Fostering a Stronger Relationship While Social Distancing [27 Activity Ideas]

So we’re now a few weeks into social distancing, and many of you have family, roommates, or significant others with you. And there have probably been some really great moments where you’ve been able to connect and focus on each other. There have likely also been some challenges. Spending all day, every day, in the same space as someone else can be a challenge! Foster a productive and healthy relationship with your partner, roommate, or family while social distancing with these activities.

Couple and Pets on Couch Together

Distancing with a romantic partner? This is a great opportunity to spend some time connecting and fostering a stronger relationship. Every relationship is unique, and the specific things that one relationship needs to connect deeper are going to differ from the next. If you are feeling like your relationship is in need of some more TLC, have a look at the discounted couples counselling services we’re offering during this time. If you’re just looking for some fun ideas to connect deeper – we’ve got you covered and check out the list below!

Distancing with family members? We can sometimes take our families for granted and focus more on developing the relationships in our romantic or social lives. This is an opportunity to spend more time together, and perhaps re-focus on building positive family relationships. Spend time together as a family and try out some of the activities below!

Distancing with a friend or roommate? If you’re spending a lot of time together these days it would be in both of your best interests to foster a positive relationship. You don’t want your living situation to add additional stress and anxiety into your life. Try some of the activities below to build a closer bond with your social distancing buddy.

Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing to Foster a Stronger Relationship

Discussion-Based Activities

  • Make a list of things that you would each like to achieve or experience in your life and share
  • Write one another a love letter or write how you value and appreciate your partner as an individual
  • Create a memory book or photo album
  • Research, set goals and plan your future
  • Read aloud to one another and discuss it without commenting on your partner (your own private book club of two) reading books on relationship and personal growth
  • Share your dreams with one another and your expectations of yourself and of the relationship
  • Create a personal and a relational bucket list

Spend Quality Time Together

  • Agree to have a tech-free day or time with one another
  • Stargaze in your back yard or balcony
  • Play board games, puzzles, card games, video games or a scavenge/treasurer hunt inside or outside
  • Make a meal together
  • Watch a movie together and trade what you watch so both of you are able to choose
  • Have dinner by candle light
  • Get a list of things that each of you would like to feel pampered and do what is on your partners list
  • Have a picnic in the back yard or on the balcony
  • Meditate together
  • Make them breakfast in bed
  • Be creative together and paint or draw
  • Do or start a new hobby together

Activities that Get You Moving

  • Go on a bike ride around your neighbourhood staying 6’ away from one another and anyone else
  • Cook together
  • Clean the home and organize together
  • Do home improvements or DIY projects that don’t require you to go out unnecessarily right now
  • Listen or play music and dance in the living room together
  • Exercise together and maybe create a new workout routine
  • Go for a walk around the neighbour hood
  • Plant a garden in your backyard or on the balcony

Did we miss something?

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