Social Distancing Tips: Create a “Calming Corner” at Home

While we’re practicing social distancing and self isolation it is especially important to connect socially, as well as reflect personally in order to keep our brains and central nervous systems in balance. 

We’re all facing a unique set of challenges while adapting to this “new normal”. Maybe you are a parent who is now taking on the role of teacher and entertainer on top of your regular tasks. Perhaps you’re now living in much closer quarters than you’re used to with a partner, roommate, or friend. Or on the other hand you could be isolating on your own, and adjusting to having no in-person social interaction.

Calming Corner in Bedroom for Social Isolation

This adjustment process can cause our central nervous system to trigger a stress response, or we may start to feel symptoms of anxiety, and perhaps even depression or grief. These are all completely normal and human responses to this situation, and to keep your brain balanced one tactic that I find to be especially beneficial, is creating a “Calming Corner” in your home. 

A Calming Corner can be created anywhere in your home, for everyone in the home. It is a place where you feel comfortable, and it is a space that is quiet and private where you will not be interrupted. 

Some spaces that can easily be turned into Calming Corners:

  • A corner of your bedroom
  • A space in your living room
  • Your closet (if you can fit in there – this is often a favourite for parents with little-ones at home)
  • A space in your backyard, porch, or apartment balcony that is covered and not too bright (if you have access to one)

Ultimately, it can be anywhere you feel comfortable, alone, where it is quiet.

What should be in your Calming Corner?

  • A comfortable chair or place to sit
  • Comfortable rugs and/or blankets
  • Pillows or cushions to help you feel more comfortable
  • Either no light, or low lights
  • Music, or no music! Whatever makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable

Calming Corner in Living Room for Social Distancing

What is the Calming Corner for?

It is a space for relaxation and reflection. I recommend using your time there to reflect on your day, meditate, do a Cognitive Self Hypnosis exercise, yoga, etc. Spending time each day in your calming corner, even if just 5 minutes will help you connect with yourself and keep your brain and central nervous system in balance.

If there is more than one person in your household, each person can find their own Calming Corner, or you can rotate use of a shared corner. It is important however, to be respectful of each others time in the Calming Corner and to not interrupt the other when they are in that space.

If you are living with children, it is a good idea to have some form of physical activities with them inside or outside to release energy and tensions, before setting them up with a quiet activity in the home so you can take your quiet, calming time.  This may be a good time to teach them yoga with deep breathing designed for their age and physical capabilities to do as a family, and then the cool down in a mediation.

Still Feeling Out of Balance?

If you are finding it challenging to adjust to the social distancing or self isolation lifestyle you are not alone. Many of my clients have reached out looking for additional counselling, coaching, and hypnosis to deal with the added stress, anxiety, depression, work issues, relationship issues, family issues, goal setting and much more.  I have been working for years with clients who live far away from my practice, or who live out of the country by telephone or through a secure online video site for counsellors. You can book an appointment online, or learn more about my free and discounted services offered to support you through social distancing

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