How to Survive Life Transitions and Bank the Wisdom from Them!

Last time, we spoke about “life changes.” In other words, we discussed how to manage when life throws you a proverbial curve ball. A life transition, however, happens at our choosing. It can be as daunting as any life change, but we have the advantage of being able to prepare.

Still, no preparation can cover all the bases. That’s where the real learning happens and the wisdom gets banked.

For starters, let’s clarify what some of these life transitions may be. It’s tricky to attempt creating a complete list but there are some universal options.

Common Life Transitions

  • Moving/relocation
  • Changing jobs or careers
  • Retirement
  • Getting married/moving in together
  • Getting separated or divorced
  • Starting a family
  • Graduation
  • Changes in family and friendship relationships
  • Major health challenges
  • Major lifestyle change (religion, diet, and so on)

All of these (and more) can be planned in advance. This prevents the shock aspect of a life change. However, even a carefully planned transition will supply more than a few surprises. When those jolts happen, it helps to have a few backup plans to bolster your resilience.

6 Ways to Survive Life Transitions and Bank the Wisdom from Them!

1. Prepare your mind and body

You have the necessary strength and endurance inside you. To tap into these resources, you must be at your best. This calls for self-care. It means encouraging smart sleep patterns, healthy eating habits, and regular exercise. And that’s not all. Develop some relaxation techniques. We may be planning for a change. That doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, upheaval, and a sense of loss. The best version of you is prepared to handle it.

2. Keep your eyes on the big picture

Small details are important. They always are. However, we cannot allow our focus to get bogged down in such details. Re-read the list above. When we’re talking about life transitions, we mean BIG picture perspective.

3. Don’t be afraid to move the goalposts

Change is fluid and evolving. Life transitions can be unpredictable. Part of a big picture view is being open to changes on the fly. When we do something major, we can’t predict all the factors that will come into play. A big part of surviving and thriving is a willingness to make adjustments as the process unfolds.

4. Develop patience

There’s no such thing as overnight success. When dealing with a transition, you need to choose the best time to make it happen. Also, you must recognize that other personalities are involved. If you expect all the factors to line up quickly, you’re probably setting yourself up for problems and disappointment. Create a doable timeframe.

5. Create a support system

We write books and make movies about the individual heroes. In real life, however, collective effort rules the day. Find people you can rely on.

6. Be mindful enough to have fun during the process

It’s tempting to say something like, “Once this part is over, I’ll be happy.” Do yourself a giant favor. Don’t postpone the smiles. Be happy during the transition, too. It can help to do Self-Hypnosis giving yourself positive possibilities as your mind is already in Self-Hypnosis giving you negative possible outcomes.

You can get yourself an emotional planner!

Look for financial planners and wedding planners and event planners in a search engine. You’ll be overwhelmed with results. It’s the same with personal trainers and tutors of all stripes. But what about your emotional needs?

Perhaps you’re planning life transitions soon. Or maybe a transition is already happening. Either way, could you use some help? Maybe you could benefit from having someone to talk to and to learn Self-Hypnosis that you can use for a variety of areas of your life.

There is help available in the form of counseling and coaching. One-on-one counseling and coaching is where you can learn various skills and tools and prepare for life transitions. It’s also where you can do the work and make sure you bank the available wisdom.


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