Brittany Sokalski: UBC student, English Literature

/Brittany Sokalski: UBC student, English Literature
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“I wrote a script with Nicklas for my personalized recording. When I first started listening to it I found that it didn’t click right away. I had some anxieties when I listened to it because what I was hearing was not what was happening in my life at the time, and it caused me conflict. Listening to it made some issues come up that I didn’t know I had, and I didn’t know how deep rooted they were. After about a week of listening this settled down, and then it became routine and self affirming to listen to the recording every day and feel relaxed. Sometimes a feeling would come up, and I would check in with myself as to why I was feeling a certain thing, and then I would go back to feeling calm again. The recording was a process that kept me feeling present, alert and on track.

I didn’t listen to the recording every evening at first, but after about three or four weeks I started to listen every evening for a month. I noticed there was no more resistance after about four days and felt open to listening to the recording. I slept really great after a week and lost a lot of judgment about listening to it and welcomed it more; I saw it now more as a learning tool. I found it so beneficial and found that the anxiety that I had before writing the script was no longer there after about four weeks.

I felt better over all, had more energy and my outlook changed completely. I was becoming more active and was making healthy choices. I was much more present and more excited about learning. I was experiencing life in a fuller way, more excited about what each day would bring. I had left university due to my anxiety and found that I could go back with a better understanding of my abilities, no longer seeing university as a big scary place that had power over me. My confidence and self-esteem was boosted and I took charge of my experience with school. My focus, concentration, creativity, imagination, intuition, awareness, and inspiring ideas improved. My writing became more second nature and easier for me. I started coming up with creative and inspiring ideas, where I didn’t have to force the writing or thinking process. Information flowed easier and I was enjoying learning more.

The recording has helped my relationship with my boyfriend and our relationship is thousand times better now. He comments on how different I am. My communication skills have improved, and we are on the same wave length now because even though I was the only one listening to the recording, we both learned so much as I was better able to inform him of my feelings. We are so much closer because of this and we have greater trust and openness with one another. I have become stronger and more confident, and this has helped me to feel more like an equal partner now. I find that I am more present, conscious and aware of my relationship, my part in it, and what is needed to keep it healthy.

My friends tell me I look so much better and carry myself more upright. They are calling me more and want to hang out with me. When I am in groups of people, I don’t feel like I am under interrogation or in the spotlight in a negative way. I feel no more anxiety, just comfort and welcome.

I am now completely comfortable around certain family members that I wasn’t before. I understand them now and my first instinct now is to listen, understand, look first to what is going on in any situation realistically, and deal effectively with the situation. I find that I am more accepting of my family and they comment that I am more patient and nice to be around.

This recording has affected my relationships with every body because I am a better person, and feel secure within myself now. It has opened me spiritually and helped me to release all preconceived notions and to surrender to my faith. I feel connected to myself and something greater than myself.

I stopped listening to my recording about six months after I started listening to it every day. It no longer fits anymore, as I am now living what I desired and wrote in my script. It is time to move onto new goals.

I’ve started listening to the new CD “Balancing Your Emotions: Being Present And At Peace”, and although I am experiencing some resistance and general anxiety, I find that I really like listening to it. By the second night, I couldn’t get relaxed to fall asleep without it. I feel so calm and present and strong since I started listening to it (even more than before) and it has only been four days. I didn’t realize before how much I really did need this CD or how much it has added to the benefits of my first recording. It is the perfect next step.”

Brittany Sokalski: UBC student, English Literature