Christine Monaghan: Health and Wellness Marketing Executive

/Christine Monaghan: Health and Wellness Marketing Executive
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“I am 42 and was training for the half marathon when I was experiencing periods of losing consciousness. I found myself in the emergency ward being prepared for surgery that would place a pacemaker in my chest. I had a physical a month prior to this, where I was told that I had the health and fitness of a twenty-five year old. I had difficulty sleeping after that, worrying if my heart would stop beating, and fearful about going back to my training. I didn’t feel comfortable or safe running again. The whole experience was very traumatic.

I started listening to the “Balancing Your Emotions” CD, and found it deeply relaxing. I listened to the recording every night for about three months, and I noticed changes right away. Within the first week of listening, I stopped feeling the pacemaker and listening to it, expecting it to stop working, and fearing to go to sleep. I found myself going to sleep before I could consciously finish listening to the entire recording. I went to sleep faster had a better and more restful sleep, and into the deepest sleep I have ever experienced. I woke up feeling relaxed and rested; this increased the more I listen to it. I looked forward to listening to it because I knew that I wouldn’t worry about my heart or the pacemaker. I woke up without panic, and I notice a difference on the days that I listen to it as compared to the days I didn’t. I started training and running again within 8 weeks, and increased my training every week thereafter. I am also back into yoga and weights, and now fully back into my regular routine. I feel more grounded and clear in the choices and decisions I am now making; I am now making very good and right decisions for me.

People tell me that I look unbelievably relaxed, and look younger. I feel that every thing is functioning at the optimum level with eating, exercising, and rebuilding my strength every day. When I experience any stressful situation I find that I go through it faster and I don’t stay in a stressful state for very long. I experience whatever emotions I need to experience and find a creative solution to get myself out of it and moving forward. I get proactive, not driven like I use to be. Now, I ask myself what I am going to do today to move forward, I am now resourceful in a healthier way than before. I listen to the recording before going to sleep, as well as mid afternoon if I am going somewhere that may be stressful or potentially create any anxiety. When I do this I remove any stressful reactions completely.

I look forward to the state of mind this recording puts me in, and the sense of peace I get form listening to it. I find that when I am running, if a negative thought comes up, I will automatically find myself saying in my mind the statement that the recording repeats through out: “I am present and at peace.” The negative thoughts is completely cleared, and I do feel present and at peace. Because of this I am developing the habit of learning from any negative thoughts, hanging them into positive ones, and becoming much more proactive. This has motivated me to clarify my career and to move forward with it in healthier directions.”

Christine Monaghan: Health and Wellness Marketing Executive