NORPAC management has a vision and plan for employees’ well being as part of our high performance workplace.  Employee retention and productivity are critical issues.  Managers participated with other employees in the program and found it to be, “very beneficial”, “enlightening” and, “…a well planned and well rounded program with great content”.  Employees found the introductory seminars to be “very motivating”, “enjoyable”, “practical”, “insightful”, and “uplifting”.  Further, employees felt that the seminar, “…gave a lot of good tools, techniques and exercises that fit well with a busy lifestyle”.  Overall, participants felt that this program would aide them in achieving greater success at work, with more work-life balance as well as increase their quality of life by reducing stress in all aspects of their life. Our employees really enjoyed the program and felt that they learned a lot and look forward to taking future seminars on a variety of subjects.  We at NORPAC have seen the benefits and intend to continue with other seminars offered in the future.  NORPAC Controls is recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies

NORPAC Controls, an engineering company and a representative of The Emerson Process Group


Delta Vancouver Suites brought in Nicklas Ehrlich to give The Performance Enhancement Seminars to our Executive Team.  The Executive Team found her training program to be, “excellent”, “of a high level”, “very beneficial and of value”.  The team experienced Nicklas as “very professional, knowledgeable, insightful”, and “able to communicate clearly”.  The team learned a great deal in an environment that was “helpful”, “fun”, “interesting and interactive”.  Her program was “well prepared and delivered”.  She was “very open for questions and assisted with suggestions”, “very calm, encouraging and created a safe environment for all to have a dialogue and to learn”.  Nicklas demonstrates in her style of training what she teaches.  Perhaps most important of any development program, Nicklas delivered a program that has created ongoing dialogue and actions from the Leadership Team to further enhance both individual and team EI (Emotional Intelligence) skills.  This was not a training program that was placed on the shelf following the session but rather has become part of our ongoing development.

   Delta Vancouver Suites, Martin Stitt, GM & Brenda Fearman, Director of People Resources


The Performance Enhancement Training Seminars were excellent and very helpful to our managers and our business.  Nicklas is a great speaker…The material was interesting, insightful, powerful, educational, and useful…The managers have appreciated that the management has offered these seminars and has participated in them, giving them the feeling that management really cares about them.  This has helped their commitment to the rest of the team and the company.  In the future we would like further direction and a few refresher seminars, as we realize that this is a process of continued learning and developing.

Monk McQueens Restaurant, Bob Lindsay, Owner


I am the managing partner of one of the largest multi-disciplinary health and medical clinics in Western Canada.  Ms. Ehrlich was the facilitator for one of our clinic’s staff training sessions with the emphasis on assisting with furthering the development of skills in communications, team building, and stress management.  The staff found her leadership and input to be highly insightful and effective in addressing these needs.  I highly endorse Ms. Ehrlich’s competence as a resource for facilitating staff and organizational training.

Dr. Lawrence Chan, D.C., N.D., Naturopathic Physician