Gillian Ashley-Martz, M.S.W. Counsellor

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Gillian Ashley-Martz, M.S.W. Counsellor2017-06-21T18:00:20+00:00

“I have been listening to the recording for about two months two times a week. I notice that I have an extremely relaxed and peaceful feeling when I listen to it; it helps me to feel calm, centered and to be resilient to stress. I also notice that these feelings and experiences linger for a period of time afterward. The words on the CD continue to resonate even in my sleep. This program has empowered and helped me to know when I am feeling vulnerable so I can more easily listen to myself and re-focus. I am more patient with my kids and husband, and my career is growing because of it. Nicklas’s voice is very nurturing and soothing, and I feel like I’m connecting to my higher self when I am using the recording. I look forward to listening to the recording and enjoying the feeling of relaxation and empowerment.”

Gillian Ashley-Martz, M.S.W.: Counsellor