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“I listen to the cd in conjunction with a few other meditative practices. It is hard to know what I have gained from the cd alone as I am constantly doing various meditative practices which keep me well grounded.

After listening to it, I experience a very relaxed and positive state. If I listen to it prior to sleep, I experience active dreams.

In respect to the cd altering any of my behaviors, over the last ten days, I have moved significantly forward around a bunch of big personal tolerations that have lingered for a very long time. One example is I have stopped procrastinating around some things and made them happen.

Compared to similar products, I really like Nicklas’s cd. It was very well put together, especially the booklet. I am going to continue to use it and am going to start to focus on the booklet and journal next month. I would definitely buy other cd’s with specific focuses.”

Jeffrey Kearney: Business Coach and Mentor
Strategic Planning for small and medium-Sized Businesses