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<strong>Nicklas Ehrlich, MSW, RCC, RSW</strong>
Nicklas Ehrlich, MSW, RCC, RSWPresident and Founder

Nicklas is a Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Success Business & Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer, Speaker and Seminar Leader.

She works with individuals, couples, families, businesses and organizations helping them to identify and create a map for success and balance in all areas of their lives such as: career, money, health (mental and physical), friendships and family relationships, a satisfying significant lover relationship, personal growth-learning and spirituality, Fun-Leisure and Recreation, and physical Environment/Home.

Nicklas has worked with a variety of therapeutic and coaching modalities for over 38 years, and has studied, practiced and taught meditation and mindfulness techniques for over 48 years.

Her private practice combines left and right brain modalities, tools, and techniques that she employs and teaches her clients such as:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy-Self-Hypnosis-Creative Visualization, Family System model, Neurofeedback, Solution Focused Therapy, Art Therapy, Goal Setting, Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques, Effective Communication Techniques, Stress Management and Resiliency Techniques, Career Assessment and Exploration (finding your purpose and passion), Reprogramming Negative Internal Scripts or Self-Talk, Conflict Resolution Techniques, Brain Gym Exercises, Transactional Analysis, Qi Gong, EFT, TFT and other modalities and tools.

During the course of her three degrees she worked in psychiatric hospitals and private counseling agencies working as a psychiatric social worker and counselor while working on a B.A. from Antioch University, BSW and an MSW from UBC, and while building her private practice.



Individual Counseling, Coaching, Consulting or Hypnotherapy:

60 minutes: $147 + GST

Package of 10 sessions: $1,420+ GST ($142 per session cost)


Couple or Family Counseling or Coaching:

60 minutes: $150 + GST

Package of 10 sessions: $1,450 + GST ($145 per session cost)


Neurofeedback Training:

60 minutes: $90 + GST

Package of 10 sessions: $800 + GST ($80 + GST per session cost)

Package of 20 sessions: $1,500 + GST ($75 + GST per session cost)


30 minute Counseling, Coaching, Consulting or Hypnotherapy added onto a 60 minute neurofeedback session: $75 + GST


*Neurofeedback packages may be shared among family members.
*Payment plan options available for packages.

All services are subject to GST.

Email:        Tel: (604) 770-3038