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“The recording helped me go to sleep, think about things that I had suppressed, and to come to terms with a lot of things in my life. It helped me to imagine things being better in my life, to acknowledge and build on the strengths within myself. I began to make a lot of changes in my life, where I lived, and how I conducted myself.

After listening to the recording I also became more spiritual and had more direction in my life. I was able to be more present and to know what was going on in my world; it enabled me to effectively address and resolve things easily and quickly. I became more realistic at work and people would comment that they found me more approachable and kinder. I found it easier to observe and listen to people while not getting too absorbed in their life and over responsible for them. It became easier to face people and be clearer with my boundaries with them. I am clearer in my communication and I no longer feel guilty about letting people know respectfully how I feel and what I am available for.

My relation with my partner improved because my communication improved and I became more present. I was able to address things a lot easier and quicker because I was more confident.

I also became motivated to work out and inspired to be in better shape. I found I started taking more action in my life in general.”

Patie Johl: Insurance Agent