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By sending charged ions through your body, the Photon Genie improves your mental and physical health in many ways:

  • Enhanced Bio harmony:

The Photon Genie returns your body to its natural state of harmony, balance and the best working order through vibrations that cause every cell to reset to their ideal frequencies thus recharging the body. 

  • Reduced Pathogens:

Pathogens are the agents in the body that cause disease, infection, and illness and the Photon Genie attacks and destroys these, including yeast, fungus, mould, viruses, bacteria, and parasites as the electric pulse travels through the body, it disrupts the ability of these to function.  The cells can then work better and as the harmful organisms weaken.  This means slower infections and a reversal of the processes that lead to disease. 

  • Improved and Faster Healing:

The Photon Genie ozonizes and oxygenates the body re-establishing the cells’ normal vibrational balance to eliminate blockages in your system by re-polarizing cells and molecules; dissolving lumps, clots, mineral deposits, etc.  It’s electronic waves remove mineral deposits that build up over time.  Its revitalizing effects on cells and molecules helps your body’s natural defenses, stimulating and strengthening the immune system.  The electronic vibration breaks down unwanted build-up, and this improves general health, reduces and eliminates pain from injuries, and prevents illness.  It causes a de-vitalization of the disease processes. 

  • Improved Mental Health:

Electronic therapy can improve patients’ feeling of well-being, relaxation, relief, clarity, re-charging life-force energy at the cellular level, and increasing energy levels. It improves total body health and has specific effects on the brain. It changes the brain’s electrical patterns, returning them to their natural balance, increasing mental sharpness and awareness, neutralizing negative “thought-forms” and stagnant energy patterns that compound over long periods of time that causes a feeling of being sick and tired.

  • Improved Physical Performance for Athletes:

The Photon Genie increases and maintains consistent peak performance for athletes’ without interruption from muscle stress, strain and injuries.  It helps to reduce and eliminate pain, prevents injuries, increase absorption of nutrients, improves digestion and assimilation.

It is the universal tool for complete photobiotic nutrition at the cell level, ideally used in conjunction with a more complete natural-health program.

  • Improved Physical Appearance:

The Photon Genie helps to tone and regenerate the skin for a more youthful appearance without painful and costly surgery.

It also, accelerates the removal of fat and cellulite, when used in conjunction with a long-term exercise and proper diet plan. And, it supports weight-loss by neutralizing and balancing appetite cravings while increasing cellular energy levels.

  • Enhanced Hormonal Therapy:

The Photon Genie balances the hormones in the body, returning them to their ideal state which improves the quality of life for women.  It reduces the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and menopause, helping to effectively deal with pain, cramping, irritability, bloating, migraine, depression, hot flashes and mood changes.

  • Improved Lymph Movement:

The lymphatic system moves blood in and out of the heart, delivers food and oxygen to your cells and tissue, and moves and manages waste. The Photon Genie stimulates more than 600 lymph nodes in the body and helps to keep your lymphatic system healthy.

  • Improved Health For Pets:

The photon Genie has a veterinary application that supports your pet’s health and any needed recovery from health concerns.

Today, hundreds of doctors and medical researchers worldwide are using this “electro-medicine” as both an effective alternative to traditional methods of treatment and as an integrative health protocol.  They are discovering these new realities of a more positive and “result-oriented” treatment for conditions such as digestive disorders, headaches, all forms of pain from disease and injury, bladder disorders, heart disease, tumors, spinal cord injury, muscular restoration, nerve regeneration, brain stimulation, and other chronic catastrophic disorders.



There has been a dramatic innovation and advancement by new electronic technologies developed over the past fifty years.

The world leader in electro-medicine has been Ed Skilling who has been recognized worldwide as the electronic genius in this field.  He released the Photon Genie in 2001, which was the biggest breakthrough in energy results-oriented transmission technologies during his fifty plus years of research and development.

In 1959 he was commissioned by California Cancer Doctors to apply solid-state electronics to original Rife instruments, and was credited for “re-inventing” Rife and other “frequency” instruments and applying the power of “space-age” electronics.  He was the Senior Electronics Design Engineer for General Dynamics for 17 years and personally supervised 1,000 of the brightest electronics engineers in the world.

The very first instrument Ed developed in 1959 got better results than anything in history, including Rife and all the others before him, and he has been number one in the world ever since.



The Skilling Institute “upgraded” Photon Genie (portable) and it is the first energy instrument Ed Skilling developed with proprietary circuitry to “regenerate” both tissue and bone, and has been effective for most degenerative and chronic conditions, as well as being used by healthy people, including athletes.

The “Upgraded” version is also the first instrument ever developed that the body cannot “acclimate” to, which has never even been attempted by anyone else in the world.  The more this system is used, the more noticeable and more measurable the results.

The body’s nervous system and the brain all benefit in many different but noticeable ways, including benefiting pets.

It is the only energy instrument in this field that is currently being used by tri-athletes and sports teams to: increase performance, quicken-recovery from intense work-outs, speed healing from injuries, reduce and eliminate pain, prevent injuries, increase absorption of nutrients, improve digestion and assimilation, and quicken recovery from many symptoms of illness.

It is also the only instrument in the world that is being used by completely healthy people and many them “notice” improvement and balance in energy levels and functions of their body, including digestion, assimilation and elimination.

The “Upgraded” Photon Genie has become the main protocol for serious conditions of all kinds by health professionals in many countries.  Doctors and health practitioners in over 42 countries use and recommend the latest Skilling Institute technology for many types of situations.

This technology enhances the body’s ability to deal with and manage the side effects of other treatments or protocols, and promotes better digestion, assimilation and utilization of all alternative treatments.

Due to the cumulative degeneration of systems and organs of the body when the body has been overcome with the challenges and infections we all experience, it is important to proactively and aggressively begin a result-oriented “battle plan” to defeat the progress of pathogens and opponents in the body.

Utilizing the “Upgraded” Photon Genie creates an unfriendly environment for fungus, mold, bacteria, infections, viruses and pathogens of all kinds which allows the body’s own immune system to control, clear and eliminate pathogens. 

This technological breakthrough called the Photon Genie can restore your body’s natural balance.  It uses photon technology to send electronic signals through your entire system.  This stimulates revitalization in every cell, returning them to their natural harmony. The Photon Genie promotes health and healing by restoring your body’s internal balance.

The human body works together as a system, if one part of the body is out of order, your overall health will suffer.  Many of these systems are controlled by a series of electrical impulses in the body.  When the signals misfire, your wellbeing suffers.  The Photon Genie resets these impulses to their proper working order.



 (Detoxification – Rejuvenation – Regeneration)

Stephen Sinatra, MD is a board-certified cardiologist and an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.  He’s also an integrative cardiologist, an author, and is certified as a bioenergetics psychotherapist.

The emerging field of metabolic cardiology is a perspective, which aims to treat heart conditions at the cellular level.  His paradigm of vibrational medicine recognizes the influence of surrounding environmental energetics and vital force on mitochondrial health.  Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the heart of most modern diseases and the detrimental factors of aging.  Pharmaceutical drugs, EMF’s, and environmental toxins are some of the top damaging factors for mitochondrial decay.

Dr. Sinatra offers a unique blend of energetics and evidence-based medicine to restore cardiac function using diet and targeted nutrients.

“We live in an electrical universe where everything is interconnected.  Pathology or disease is frequently an electrical malfunction and vibrational medicine is often the solution”.   Dr. Stephen Sinatra

The Photon Genie is the first instrument that was developed to specifically communicate with the immune system and Special Forces of the body at the cellular level and in harmony with the body’s natural resistance.

This portable instrument has been proven to be the best in the world for many noticeable results:

  • Moves and balances all the fluids of the body (circulation, Lymph System, etc.)
  • Oxygenates Cells, Tissues, Organs, etc.
  • Powers and Controls Bio-available Harmonic Energies
  • Regulates Pulse and Balances energy life cycles
  • Regenerates tissue and bond naturally
  • Communicates, Transmits, and Balances Energies
  • Charges and Balances Harmonic Energies of the body
  • Utilizes Proprietary Communications and Transmissions friendly to the body


The Photon Genie’s amazing energy transmitters deliver unparalleled energy harmonics direct to all cells, tissues, organs, and system of the body combined with the equally important and uniquely powerful Noble Gas Harmonic Energy Technologies making it the most dynamic and effective therapeutic energy instrument developed in the past 100 years.

The Photon Genie generates and delivers the benefits of bio-available energy nourishment like those we receive naturally from the sun, the earth, and universal energy fields. This gives the individual control over the quantity and frequency of life-force energy available for the body to simultaneously improve all communications, functions, detoxification, rejuvenation, regeneration and longevity.



One of the subtle, but noticeable advantages of the Photon Genie is the production of beneficial ozone by the Energy Wands (glass tubes) that pulse energetically, while making close contact with the skin.  As each energy wand, containing a unique blend of noble gasses lights up or ionizes, it communicates with the main Skilling circuits.  The circuits transmit through the ionized gases, creating harmonic resonant energy transmissions and communications throughput the body. These amazing energy wands also generate beneficial ozone at the skin where they make contact.  This ozone transfers to the blood and tissues at that point in the local area.  No germ, fungus, mold, or bacteria can live in the presence of beneficial ozone, or the hydrogen peroxide (a powerful anti-oxidant) that it is converted to inside the body.

Research has discovered that hydrogen peroxide enables your immune system to provide better function and win the fight against infections, pathogens, and many primary root causes of diseases.  Several books on the market suggest treatments for hundreds of ailments, including cancer with hydrogen peroxide and have attracted interest from doctors and individual around the world.  Over 6,000 articles about it have appeared in scientific publications worldwide in recent years.  The Photon Genie provides the ultimate non-invasive method of accomplishing these goals.


The Photon Genie has the unique ability to generate and transmit the same life-force energy properties of cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the human body through these unique energy transmitters and harmonic energy wands.  Due to the powerful harmonic balanced energies dynamically transmitted by the Photon Genie in harmony with the natural resistance of the human body, the life-force energies generated and transmitted can travel along both the subtle and major energy channels and re-flow all nerve paths. This includes the energy pathway on the molecular level, as well as the chakras and acupuncture meridians, the lymph channels, and the blood system.  So, the gentle, yet penetrating bio-available electron energy permeates the entire body as a powerful life-giving force of energies.

“The DNA is responsible for virtually every chemical interaction in the body including the 100,000 cellular chemical reactions per second in each cell.  The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule that is reacting is energized by a photon.  Once the photon has stimulated a reaction, it returns to the energy flow and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of energetic light.”  Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, Physicist



The Photon Genie’s Energy Transmitters and Energy Wands nourish the body with bio-photonic energies comparable to the bio-photons produced by our natural DNA.  Photons switch on and control the body’s functions and processes like an orchestra conductor brining each individual instrument into the collective harmonic tune or resonance.  When an object outside, or within, the body is exposed to its natural bio-available energy, it will pick up or harmonically resonate with that energy. This is like what happens when two violins have been precisely tuned.  When the string on one violin is plucked, or vibrated, the same string on the other violin will start to vibrate or resonate as well.  When exposed to energies and harmonics generated and transmitted by the Photon Genie, the cells will pick up and resonate and balance with their natural bio-available energies.  This improves the strength and balance of energies and overall performance of communication and function of the body.

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, renowned German physicist, founder of bio-photonics and pioneer in the field of quantum biophysics, found that molecules in the cells responded to certain harmonic resonant energies, and that a range of variations from the photons caused a variety of noticeable energy responses in other molecules of the body.  This harmonic energy is the driving life-force for all molecules and cells in the body.  The cells, can then tune in and resonate with their natural, harmonic, balanced, health producing energies.  The cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body, like the immune system, can gradually be re-imprinted, resonated and grow in balanced energetic strength.  In this way, the Photon Genie provides the body with the energies to heal naturally rather than creating an artificial homeostasis using chemicals (toxins energies,) and other procedures which disrupt the energetic balance and weaken the energetic health of the body.

Quantum Physicists have proved that when you can bring harmonic balanced energy to the plasma energy field of the human body internally, you automatically unleash unlimited healing potential of the human organism.



The lymphatic system is the primary system that manages toxins in the body and is connected to every organ and purifies the body.  The Photon Genie Energy Transmitters and Energy Wands safely deliver powerful energy transmissions and communications that restore the balance and movement of all the fluids in the body, especially the blood and lymph.

The ability of the Photon Genie to safely move and balance controlling energies of fluid systems of the body can soften nodules of accumulated wastes located in the lymph system and circulatory system.  This unique processing of light-energy and a harmonically balanced stream of electrons and photons temporarily disorganizes and releases the electrical bonds of non-functional protein chains, lumps, and accumulations.  The Photon Genie also gently stimulates peristalsis (movement) of the lymphatic vessels, and increases the movement and drainage of connective tissues.  The focus of this technology is on empowering organs and natural systems of the body at the cellular level to do what they were originally programmed to do, only with more consistency, power and efficiency.  By using the Photon Genie, this occurs on a regular basis and a broad range of health improvements can manifest in the process.

The results are effective, harmonically balanced energy reception by cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body to:

RE-ESTABLISH the ideal vibrational and harmonic energy states of each individual cell, tissue, organ, and system in the body.

DEVITALIZE infections, pathogens (yeast, fungus, mold, and viruses), bacteria, parasites, etc.); while reducing pain and inflammation: and slowing and reversing disease processes.

BREAK-UP blockages and barrier tissues through re-polarizing energies of cells and molecules, and normalizing lumps, clots and mineral deposits.

DETOXIFY the body by balancing the lymphatic, circulatory and other fluid systems of the body through all the channels (blood vessels, lymph, capillaries, colon, intestines, etc.) for more efficient digestion, assimilation and transport of nutrition, vital energy and infinite intelligence throughout the cells of the body, brain and nervous system.

The ability of the Photon Genie to safely soften nodules of accumulated waste, located in the lymph, is unique.  This lymphatic movement technology quickly and effectively cleans out the lymph system more naturally and dynamically than any other current methods.

Sessions with the Photon Genie are easy and range from 30-minutes, 45-minutes, 60-minutes to several hours per day and over time more is better.  Many sleep with their Photon Genie (especially the energy transmitter boxes) to empower the body more.  The Photon Genie is also compatible with other alternative protocols.

Call for an appointment to experience the Photon Genie by itself or in combination with other services.


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