Christine Monaghan: Health and Wellness Marketing Executive

Brittany Sokalski: UBC student, English Literature

Russell Schluter: Physiotherapist

Trish Plumley: Faculty, Music Department, Vancouver Community College

Sarah: Office Administrator and Single Parent

Karen Fraser Gitlitz: Intern Minister 

Jill Purdy: Grandmother Of Five

Brent James: Entrepreneur 

Patie Johl: Insurance Agent

Gillian Ashley-Martz, M.S.W.: Counsellor 

Barbara Maryniak 

Nathaniel DeVeaux: Actor 

Stephen Wither: Musician 

Debrah Rafel, CUCG: Life Balance Coach, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Speaker/Facilitator

Drs. Lawrence Chan, Eric Posen and Hal Brown (DC, ND, R.A.c.): from Integrative Healing Arts: A Naturopathic Clinic

Jeffrey Kearney: Business Coach and Mentor

Judee Regan: Life Vocation Ambassador

Dr. Nigma T. Sciortino ND (West Vancouver Wellness Centre) 

Grace Cirocco: International Speaker and Best Selling Author of “Take the Step, the Bridge will be There”

Lee Pulos: Ph. D. ABPP, Author of over 25 self-help and visualization CD’s