Heal, Grow & Create Lasting Change

Reprogram negative thoughts and behaviours. Get yourself unstuck.
And finally experience the positive changes you’ve been waiting for.

Services & Outcomes You Can Trust

Our services and packages are crafted with your best interests in mind. Our space is safe and comfortable, allowing you to relax, go within, and begin to heal. Our experience and expertise means the changes you make will last.

Overcome Anxiety & Depression

You’ll relax your mind, retrain your brain, and finally start to feel like yourself again.

Rebuild your Relationship

Repair broken trust. Rediscover intimacy. Get back to sharing a life you love in a safe way.

Move through & Cope with Grief

Get unstuck, find a better way forward, and move through all kinds of grief more easily.

The Experience You Need To Feel Better

Nicklas has been working with individuals, couples, and families for over 40 years and has training in a variety of techniques and counselling modalities.

She knows exactly what it takes to create a safe and supportive environment where patients can relax and feel comfortable. She’s highly skilled at reprogramming the unconscious mind. And, her extensive experience can be customized to meet your unique needs.

If you’re looking to:

  • Get unstuck and start moving forward in life;
  • Stop falling back into bad habits and negative thought patterns;
  • Overcome fear, childhood programming, and trauma;
  • Recover from grief and start to breathe easier; or
    Repair the trust and intimacy between you and your partner

Nicklas can help you get there.

If you’re looking for something other than the services we’ve listed here, contact us. There’s a strong chance Nicklas will be able to help.

The First Step Is A Consultation

If you’re curious about hypnotherapy and what it could do for you, schedule a free 15-minute consultation call. Nicklas will answer your questions, discuss your individual needs, and plan a course of action that will help you reach your goals.