Break The Patterns Keeping You Unhappy

If you’ve experienced anxiety, you know what it’s like to feel stuck in repeated patterns of thoughts and feelings. You know what it’s like to wish you could make a change, but feel completely powerless over your behaviours. You understand feeling stuck and feeling defeated. You wonder why you can’t simply move on. Why you can’t just let it go.

But although this feeling is incredibly frustrating, it’s also a completely human stress response. Your brain is under duress, so it reverts back to operating unconsciously. It relies on the default programming that’s been developing throughout your life. It’s the reason why, even when you want to change your behaviour, in your current state, you actually can’t. You naturally snap back into old routines and patterns. Because they are familiar, and they seem safe.

To get to the root of the problem and actually change your anxiety-inducing behaviours and thought patterns, you need to reprogram your unconscious mind. With a combination of hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and neurofeedback sessions, we can help you do just that.

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Client in Vital Synergy Neurofeedback Clinic in North Vancouver
Individual Hypnotherapy Session

I’ve been doing neurofeedback for over a year and the benefits are staggering. I find it helps to relieve my anxiety, usually within the session. I’ve incorporated hypnosis after my sessions as well and I am amazed at the results. I’ve been able to overcome limiting beliefs, heal from trauma, and feel excited about my future.

Simone L.

Relax, Retrain & Let Anxiety Go

When you’re in a state of stress, it’s impossible to access your unconscious mind. As a counsellor, hypnotherapist, and neurofeedback trainer, I’ll help you to relax your mind so we can start to retrain your brain.


Nicklas Ehrlich, North Vancouver Counsellor

Nicklas Ehrlich (MSW, RCC, RSW) is the president and founder of Vital Synergy Mind Fitness in North Vancouver. 

She’s been helping clients transform their lives and overcome their obstacles for over 40 years. Her mission is to empower others to become more resilient, live as their optimal selves, and make lasting change in their lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Anxiety Counselling

No. Hypnotherapy does not force you to go back to or relive negative experiences or trauma. In fact, it’s the opposite— hypnosis is very helpful for dealing with negative past experiences and trauma because it can help you reframe your negative memories in a more positive way.

Your initial, free consultation will be a telephone or online video appointment. Following that, you can choose between telephone, virtual, or in-person appointments at our clinic in North Vancouver.

If you have an extended health insurance plan with coverage for counselling services provided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor or a Certified Canadian Counsellor, then yes, you should be able to submit your invoices and be reimbursed by your insurance company for part or all of your appointment cost.

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With hypnotherapy and neurofeedback, I’ll help you overwrite negative programming, become more resilient, and feel equipped to lead an anxiety-free life. Book a free 15-minute consultation to learn more.

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