Couples Counselling Services

Rebuild Your Relationship Together

Understand each other. Repair broken trust. Rediscover intimacy. Couples counselling will help you get back to sharing a life you love in a safe and non-threatening way.

For Resilient Minds. Strong Relationships.
And Healthy Coping.

For Resilient Minds. Strong Relationships. And Healthy Coping.

We’ll help you relax your mind and body, access your subconscious brain, and reprogram the limiting thoughts and behaviours that hold you back.

Rediscover Trust, Communication & Intimacy

Just like everything else, relationships change over time. Even the ones that start with passion often evolve into something that feels more like being roommates or co-parents.

For some couples, it looks like distance and disconnection. It feels like growing apart. The silence becomes unbearable and the space between you feels too big to ever cross. For others, it looks like anger, disagreement, and even disdain. Communication erodes as emotions run high, and conversations almost never end well. And for all couples, the feeling of not being on the same page — or even in the same book — brings a lot of anxiety.

It can be hard to admit to yourself, let alone explain to your partner, that you think you need relationship counselling.

You’re scared of what it means. (Is this the end? What if it doesn’t work?) You worry about what your partner will say. (Will this make things worse?) But, trust me when I say that you’re exactly where you need to be.

Working with a couples counsellor will help you navigate your relationship together. Sessions create safe spaces to share your concerns, listen, and be heard. Over time, you’ll start to better express yourselves. Rebuild trust. Improve communication. Even rediscover intimacy.

So much is still possible for the two of you. And it starts right here.

Nicklas has a special gift for unraveling the unspoken in a conversation between two people in a way that honours the humanity in each person. Her professional approach in reorienting two people from their adversarial positions to recognizing each other’s needs and aspirations clearly gives the insights and communication skills necessary to become supportive partners in a more mature relationship. You learn to understand the destructive patterns which you are caught in, and then you are much more able to diffuse a situation before it gets away from you.

Mike F

Experience, Empathy, and Evidence-Based Support

With over 40 years of experience as a couples counsellor, I know exactly what it takes to create an environment where both of you can be heard and feel safe. By helping you work through the surface concerns that cause conflict and identify any underlying issues being triggered, I’ll help you develop a better understanding of yourselves and each other.

You and your partner will learn relationship skills like:

  • Effective communication
  • Conflict resolution, negotiation, and collaboration
  • Healthy boundary setting
  • Personal growth and self-awareness
  • Problem solving and decision-making
  • Assertiveness
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Effective parenting skills
  • Emotional and physical intimacy enhancement

Nicklas Ehrlich, North Vancouver Couples Counsellor

Nicklas Ehrlich (MSW, RSW, RCC) is the president and founder of Vital Synergy Mind Fitness in North Vancouver.

She’s been helping clients transform their lives and overcome their obstacles for over 40 years. Her mission is to empower others to become more resilient, live as their optimal selves, and make lasting change in their lives.

Book a complimentary consultation to learn how Nicklas can put her years of experience to work for you.


Yes, counselling can help a couple avoid and if stuck in a power struggle in their relationship, get out of this and learn to move to the “Co-Creative” and “Equal Partner” stage of the relationship.

Yes, we can clarify what each person needs to build and maintain trust in the relationship and create a map of how to achieve trust for each partner.

Yes, couples can learn the steps to create and maintain healthy boundaries that teach and actually help build trust, respect, and a closer more intimate relationship.

Your initial, free consultation will be a telephone appointment. Following that, you can choose between telephone, virtual, or in-person appointments at our clinic in North Vancouver.

It’s recommended to first book a free 15-minute consultation to chat with Nicklas and figure out if you’re a good fit to work together. 

Appointments rates vary by appointment type: 

  • 60-minute couples or family counselling sessions cost $195 + GST.
  • 60-minute individual counselling, coaching, or hypnotherapy appointments cost $175 + GST.
  • 45-minute individual neurofeedback appointments cost $125 + GST
  • 75-minute individual appointments that combine neurofeedback with hypnotherapy or counselling cost $205 + GST

Packages are available to reduce the cost of individual sessions.

NOTICE: As of September 3, 2024 rates will be increasing for the following services:

  • 60-minute couples or family counselling sessions from $195 to $200
  • 60-minute counselling, coaching, or hypnotherapy sessions from $175 to $180
  • 75-minute appointments that combine neurofeedback with hypnotherapy or counselling from $205 to $215

If you have an extended health insurance plan you may be able to use your benefits to cover part or all of your appointment cost. Plans can vary, so please check if your policy provides coverage for counselling services provided by a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) or a Registered Social Worker (RSW). If you do, you can be reimbursed for your appointment cost through your insurance company at the rate that is detailed in your plan.

Make Your Way Back To Each Other

As relationships evolve, each partner’s needs and desires do, too. Relationship counselling can help you honour yourselves and each other as you develop a shared vision for a future spent as a loving, supportive team.