North Vancouver Therapy Services

Bringing The Unconscious Into Focus

We help you get to the root of your problems. Train your brain to be more resilient,
overwrite unwanted default programming, and finally feel equipped to live a
balanced and optimal life.

Address Deep-Rooted Issues & Make Lasting Change

95% of your thoughts and behaviours are processed and stored in your subconscious mind, and are the result of the learning and conditioning you underwent in childhood. They become “patterns” in your mind, so deeply ingrained that they can’t be consciously accessed or changed.

This is why, even though you want something better for yourself, you find yourself stuck. Without accessing your subconscious mind, you’ll naturally snap back into your known, familiar ways of being every time— because they feel safe, and your brain is programmed that way.

We use the evidence-based therapeutic techniques of hypnotherapy and neurofeedback to help you access your subconscious mind, get to the root of your problems, and reprogram unwanted thought and behaviour patterns for good.

Evidence-Based Techniques & Person-Centred Treatments

We start by getting to know each other in a free consultation. We’ll listen to what you’re struggling with, ask some questions to understand your situation better, and then recommend which services are best suited for you.

At that point you can decide if you’d like to book your first session— and we’ll give you a discount on it!

Then, in your follow up sessions, we’ll work with you to create a map for success and balance in all areas of your life, from your health, to your relationships, to your career, personal growth, and spirituality. Every individual’s map is different, and their path to get there is different, so we’ll work together specifically to draw on which therapy techniques are needed at each moment to support you toward achieving your goals.

What Therapy Techniques Do We Use?


Counselling helps you understand the reasons behind the obstacles in your life, and identify what’s holding you back from your goals


Neurofeedback trains your brain to be more resilient by addressing your unconscious programs that are holding you back.


Hypnotherapy helps you address and reprogram your unconscious programming so you can make lasting change.

“Nicklas’s knowledge and approach to how we can free ourselves from the limiting programs from the past is liberating and incredibly empowering. It means that each of us can learn to create our present and our future from a ‘clean slate’ as it were, and take the step towards extraordinary futures.”

Grace C.

Nicklas Ehrlich, North Vancouver Therapist

Nicklas Ehrlich (MSW, RCC, RSW) is the president and founder of Vital Synergy Mind Fitness in North Vancouver, BC. 

She’s been helping clients transform their lives and overcome their obstacles for over 40 years. Her mission is to empower others to become more resilient, live as their optimal selves, and make lasting change in their lives.

Book a complimentary consultation to learn how Nicklas can put her years of experience to work for you.


No. We do not use techniques that require you to go back to any negative experiences or trauma. Rather, the therapist will use hypnotherapy techniques to reframe the memory in a positive way and give the client a positive experience in the present, with a suggestion for the future.

Nicklas is trained in Body Centred Psychotherapy,  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Critical Incident Stress Management, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym Exercises), EFT, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Energy Psychology & Psychotherapy, Expressive Art Therapies, Focusing Techniques, Gestalt Therapy, Goal Attainment & Mission / Vision Statement Training, Humanistic Therapy, Hypnotherapy & Teaching Self-Hypnosis Techniques, Integrative Psychotherapy, Life Transitions Counselling, Meditation, Mindfulness Approaches, NLP, Pain Management, Play Therapy, Positive Psychology, Process Work, Psychoanalytic Therapy, Reality Therapy, Relational Psychotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Transpersonal Counselling, Traumatic Incident Reduction, and Visualization Techniques.

No. When some people think of hypnosis they become concerned that they will become controlled to do what the hypnotherapist tells them to do, but this is not true. When a person is in a hypnotic state they are in a hyper-attentive, conscious, and relaxed state. The therapist will provide suggestions and prompts, but the individual is free to ignore, give themselves a different suggestion, and decide whether or not to explore what is being suggested.

No. Some people do prefer to meet in-person and for those individuals we have a comfortable office in North Vancouver where you can meet with your counsellor or coach. We have instituted new COVID-19 protocols to keep our clients and staff safe. Alternatively, counselling and coaching can be done over the telephone or through online video calls.

It’s recommended to first book a free 15-minute consultation to chat with Nicklas and figure out if you’re a good fit to work together. 

After, you will be provided an opportunity to book your first 60-min appointment at a discounted rate of $150 + GST. 

Additional appointments vary by appointment type: 

  • 60-minute counselling, coaching, or hypnotherapy sessions cost $175 + GST.
  • 45-minute neurofeedback appointments cost $124 + GST
  • 75-minute appointments that combine neurofeedback with hypnotherapy or counselling cost $205 + GST

Packages are available to reduce the cost of individual sessions.

If you have an extended health insurance plan you may be able to use your benefits to cover part or all of your appointment cost. Plans can vary, so please check if your policy provides coverage for counselling services provided by either a Registered Clinical Counsellor or a Certified Canadian Counsellor. If you do, you can be reimbursed for your appointment cost through your insurance company at the rate that is detailed in your plan.

The First Step Is A Consultation

If you’re ready to finally unpack the heavy negative behaviours, habits, thoughts, and feelings you’ve been carrying for so long, schedule a free consultation call. Nicklas will discuss you, your goals, and your obstacles, and come up with a plan to get you back to living a balanced, optimal life.