Tools and support to empower you to better manage stress and re-program your unconscious mind – on your own time.

Feeling stressed by all of the different aspects of your busy life? Experiencing burnout? Feeling overwhelmed? Looking for tools and resources to help you achieve balance in your life?

Whole Life Mind Fitness

Why does your body react like it does to stress?

Your brain has conscious and unconscious programming that influence your habits and behaviours. Generally, when people try to change a behaviour like stress management, they naturally gravitate towards tools to modify conscious behaviour. However, in reality it’s your unconscious programming that is 95% downloaded from environmental influences throughout childhood, and 5% which is inherited from genetics.

Listen to this 5-minute video where Nicklas Ehrlich explains how your unconscious programming impacts your decision making, and might be holding you back. When you’re ready to take steps to re-program your unconscious – have a look at the video coaching options below!

So, you want to re-program your mind to better manage your stress. Where do you begin?

Vital Synergy Mind Fitness Inc., offers online video coaching for individuals who want to better understand their unconscious programming on their own time.

Courage, Risks, and Rewards Webinar

Webinar for stress management

This free 16-minute webinar is packed with instantly usable tools and valuable exercises to help you discover your personal perspective and attitude towards stepping out of your comfort zone.

You will explore:

  • What causes you to be stuck in unconscious patters that can sabotage your best intentions
  • Why you avoid taking risks
  • What you would gain from taking risks
  • What you can do to support yourself for successful risk taking
  • How to stretch out of your comfort zone safely to achieve greater fulfillment and success

Limited time offer

For a limited time, when you sign up for Courage, Risks, and Rewards you’ll also get a bonus 9-minute webinar explaining the Optimal Success Wheel of Life.

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Whole Life Mind Fitness Video Coaching Series

Online Video Coaching for stress management

This is an 8-week video coaching series that includes pre-recorded webinars that you can watch on your own time, as well as the opportunity to join a weekly 1-hr long live coaching Q&A session with Nicklas Ehrlich during the series. This program provides you with the tools to re-program your unconscious mind to become resilient-balanced-optimal and successful in your life.

The next webinar series starts on January 20, 2020 and runs until March 13, 2020

This series includes four modules:

  • Module 1: Mental and Spiritual Health & Fitness
    • How the brain can sabotage resiliency, and what a positive brain wave pattern is that supports resiliency.
    • Effective techniques to re-program the unconscious for resiliency.
  • Module 2: Physical Health & Fitness (with guest speaker Dr. Terrie Van Alstyne, ND and Simone Lovell, fitness trainer & nutritionist.)
    • How to naturally support stress reduction, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, lack of energy, and feeling overwhelmed.
    • How exercise and food can be made simple to promote health & fitness.
  • Module 3: Relationship Health & Fitness (Romantic, Family, Social, Work)
    • Effective communication and collaboration skills.
    • Healthy and effective conflict resolution skills.
  • Module 4: Purpose, Passion, Career/Work and Financial Health & Fitness
    • How to find your purpose and passion in your career/work.
    • Habits and attitudes related to money that provide the key to financial and life success

Registration closes on January 15, 2020.

The 4 modules can be purchased separately, however registration for Module 1 is a required prerequisite for any of the other three modules. Each module is $457.00 + GST. Alternatively, purchase all 4 modules in a package and save! Registrants in the whole package will also receive a free Re-Programming Recording and the Cognitive Re-Framing Exercise Booklet. You can receive the entire 8-week package for only $997.00 + GST (save $831+GST).

Register for the 4-Module Package