5 Ideas on How to Find Happiness In Your Job

Unhappiness in your job is contributed to by many factors, both internally and externally. Even when we are able to identify what is causing this negative feeling, knowing how to deal with it is completely different and challenging. 

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Learn what the most common causes of unhappiness are, what causes you may be experiencing and 5 ways to find happiness again in your job.

What Causes Unhappiness in Your Job

There are many factors that can cause unhappiness in your job. They can be either external such as a toxic work environment, or more internal like lacking a passion for your job. Below is a list of some of the most common reasons for unhappiness:

  • If your personality type is not a fit for what you’re doing or where you are doing it
  • If your environment is toxic or unsupportive
  • If your job description is unclear
  • If the boundaries within the workplace are unclear or not there
  • If you are not doing what you love to do and don’t have a sense of purpose or passion for it
  • If you are not supported
  • If your unconscious beliefs are sabotaging your work life and causing you to under or over function in your work
  • If your accomplishments are not recognized
  • If your work space is stressful, dull, too noisy, or too distracting
  • If you do not have enough autonomy and are being micromanaged
  • If you have too much autonomy and are lacking guidance, direction or support
  • If your work life is out of balance with your personal life

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5 Ideas on How to Find Happiness In Your Job 

1. Learn what your personality type is

Learning your personality type allows you to find fulfillment in what you do through making changes in the way you work, educating your work environment about what you need to be successful, and finding the right tasks that fits your personality type.  

2. Learn effective communication, collaboration and conflict resolution skills

This can allow you to effectively clarify your job description, set healthy workplace boundaries, and educate the workplace on what you need to foster a supportive environment. 

3. Learn what work-life balance means to you

Shape your balance between work and your personal life to what works best for you. Create a plan to make the necessary changes to keep both in balance as they directly affect one another.

4. Learn how to lower stress and become resilient

Whatever happens in your work life or your personal life you can remain flexible, calm, resilient and able to access creative and effective solutions.

5. Learn to guard your focus and energy

Our attention is constantly getting divided and distractions are around every corner. To improve your job situation, focus is needed. Be mindful of where your focus goes as that is where your energy will go.

The Golden Rule: Find Something You Love

Not only is this the golden rule, but it is a fact that is experienced all over the world by human beings.  Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist, writer, lecturer and professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence, wrote about this after researching and visiting people in all countries, finding that unless people lived their “bliss”, they were not emotionally, mentally or physically healthy.

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Get the Help You Need to Succeed

We might not automatically think of seeing a counselor or a coach when it comes to changing jobs. But working one-on-one with a counselor who is also a career and life coach is very beneficial. Therapy is where you discover more about yourself. The more you know yourself, the better you’ll know how to experience joy in your job. Book a 30 minute consultation with me and can start to work together to gain that happiness in your job back.

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