Activity: Map Your Optimal Success Wheel of Life

The Optimal Success Wheel of Life is a tool we use to assess and reframe our views on what success and balance in our lives looks like.

We all want to be ‘optimal’ in many aspects of our lives, but trying to optimize our entire lives at once can be extremely daunting. A more practical and healthy way to approach this is by first determining the categories in our lives that matter most, and assessing how satisfied we are in each.

This is where the Optimal Success Wheel of Life comes in. The wheel is a tool that can be incredibly useful in finding out which areas of our lives we need to put more positive energy into.

Author’s Note: This activity, and the corresponding videos, are from the first module of our program Whole Life Mind Fitness that is currently in development, and it does reference the rest the program which may seem out of context here. In light of Covid-19, we decided to make this content free to access for our community while we work to develop the rest of the online program.

Step 1: Determine Your Satisfaction in Each Category

To complete this activity you will need to print the Optimal Success Wheel of Life Template. Don’t have access to a printer? No worries – use the download as a base and draw your own! It’s quite simple.

Mapping Out Your Optimal Success Wheel of Life from Nicklas Ehrlich.

Don’t want to watch the video? That’s okay – you can download our printable instructions.

Essentially, reflect on the categories and identify where on each ‘spoke’ of the wheel you feel represents your satisfaction level in that part of your life. Once you’ve identified your satisfaction level on each category, draw lines to connect them together to form a web. This web pattern shows the balance between these different aspects of your life right now.

Take some time to map this out. Don’t rush through it and if you need to step away from it for a bit and come back, that is totally fine. Once you’ve completed it, proceed to the next section where we discuss what this means for you.

What Does your Success Wheel Pattern Mean?

By being present here today, and taking the first step by filling out your Success Wheel of Life you are already taking the first step towards regaining control of the state of your mind. Now, let’s learn about what this pattern can tell us, and how it can be used to make a positive change in your life.

How to Use Your Optimal Success Wheel of Life from Nicklas Ehrlich.

The key takeaway is that a lack of satisfaction in one category can affect the others, resulting in negative feelings and frustration.

There are several important questions you should be asking yourself about your pattern: 

  1. What does success feel like for each area?
  2. How do you feel about your life as you see this?
  3. How do you currently spend time in these areas, and which areas would you most like to improve?

There are some additional reflection questions you can reference on my downloadable printable instructions sheet.

Next Steps to Improving Your Success Wheel

Unfortunately, understanding the wheel is not enough, as our unconscious beliefs are programmed through brain patterns and the central nervous system. To make real change we need to reprogram our unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings so they can stop sabotaging our conscious good intentions.

You’ve taken a great first step today in assessing the different aspects of your life being affected by this unconscious programming, and I encourage you to continue to reflect on this activity. If you would like to explore how to reprogram your unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and feelings please reach out and book an initial appointment with me. I use an interdisciplinary approach with my clients including counselling, hypnotherapy, and neurofeedback practices. All my services, with the exception of neurofeedback, can be offered via telephone or by a secure online video chat.

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